The technology that powers the AquaSock is a special water-removing chemical that is contained in a weighted, sock-like bag. The bag has been designed to be inserted into the fuel tank via an access plate (located on the fuel tank) or the fuel gauge sender. The sock will come to rest on the tank bottom where water collects when the boat is not in motion. After 24 hours, the AquaSock will complete its job. Just use the retrieval string provided to remove the gel filled sock. Dispose of the sock and you're done!

AquaSocks will easily and safely remove water from fuel tanks without having to drain the fuel first. Works in Gasoline, diesel, oil. Great for boats, RVs, truck, tractors and automobiles. Try AquaSocks as an alternative to fuel polishing.

The AQ28 is a sock suitable for industrial level applications.  Able to hold up to 28 ounces of water, the sock requires an access hole no smaller than 2 1/2" diameter.  

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Price $19.99